What is Tyvek® ?

Tyvek® is an extremely durable yet breathable non-woven fabric made of HDPE fibers and is exclusively manufactured by DuPont around the world. It’s a functional fabric similar to human skin. The fabric has micro pores that makes it breathable but at the same time is resistant to liquids. The size of its micro pores is many times smaller than the size of dust mites, bed bugs, dirt and dust, thus preventing their entry into mattresses and pillows.

Dupont Tyvek® Mattress and Pillow Protectors – A Miracle of Science

These are protective inner covers that are not only water resistant but also truely breathable and provide complete protection to mattresses and pillows from dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, allergens, spilled liquids, body fluids and urine. Tyvek® Mattress and Pillow Protectors induce a prolonged life to your mattresses and pillows keeping them look spotless and ordourless while enjoying a reliable hygienic sleep environment where humans spend more than 1/3 of their life.

Tyvek® Mattress & Pillow Covers are being used by households as well as hotels and hospitals world over continuously working on providing value added sleep environment besides looking at ways to reduce their operational and house keeping costs. To live up to the hygienic image, the product is white in color and can be ordered in any size.

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Anti-Dust Mites

Your mattress may hold as many as 10 million dead and alive microscopic dust mites. At a rough estimate, 10 per cent of the total weight of any pillow could be substituted by dead and alive mites. According to the dust mite barrier performance tests conducted by FITI (Korean Consuming Science Research Center) and independent labs in other countries Tyvek® Covers have a 99.9% barrier performance against dust mites and bed bugs.

Dupont Tyvek® Mattress and Pillow protectors block out dirt, dust and dead human skin(Dander) providing a reliable prevention against dust mites. For more details click here

Anti-Bed Bugs
Tyvek® fabric texture makes it impermeable for dust mites or bed bugs to penetrate the Tyvek® Covers, helps retard there capacity to reproduce and prevents bacteria breeding inside mattresses and pillows.
Water Resistant & Stain Protective
Tyvek® Mattress & Pillow Protectors are water resistant, prevent stains and provide rock solid protection against lingering foul smell resulting from repeated absorption of food & beverage spills, sweat, bodily fluids, blood and urine (1,200 mmh 20 hydrostatic head tested).
Tyvek® fabric is skin friendly due to its breathable properties which allows sufficient air to circulate avoiding excess heat and perspiration while sleeping (5,000 g/24hrs/sqm based on ASTM). This helps people susceptible to conditions like contact dermatitis and eczema unlike most of the other mattress protectors laminated with synthetic material which may be water resistant but not breathable. 
Hypo Allergenic
Tyvek® Mattress & Pillow Protectors provide relief and prevention for people with skin & respiratory allergies. They also act as a prevention for tuberculosis patients by blocking out irritants and allergens produced primarily by dust mites breeding inside mattresses & pillows. These irritants and allergens can also be harmful to people suffering from asthma and rhinitis.

DuPont Tyvek® mattress and pillow protectors are washable by hand or machine. Washing takes away the newness and crispness from brand new Tyvek material giving it more of woven linen feel. DuPont Tyvek® protective covers will become softer with every subsequent wash without loosing any of their remarkable features.

Wash Instructions: Machine wash at 40 degree centigrade’s for 30-45 minutes using a "mild" detergent (if required). Dry the protectors in a Tumble dryer for 30 minutes at 40 degrees centigrade’s or at "sensitive fabrics" setting/s. If the wash load is heavy and protectors need more time to dry after 30 minutes than depending on their condition, either simply leave them out for some time to dry by themselves in a while (no line drying required) or use the tumble dryer for a little longer than suggested 30 minutes above. Very high temperature setting/s of a tumble dryer are not suitable to dry DuPont Tyvek Protectors. Avoid using spin cycle during machines wash and do not iron DuPont Tyvek protectors in any case.

Due to the texture of DuPont Tyvek material another amazing feature these protectors offer unlike any other mattress or pillow protector, enabling a total ease in their maintenance, is "wipe & clean maintenance". This means if there is no accident that requires protectors to be washed you can simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth soaked in lukewarm water containing mild detergent without having to remove them at all from the mattress. Allow the protectors to totally dry before fixing the bed sheet on the mattress. This feature helps a housekeeper to save quite a bit of money in long run due to less man-hours and laundry cost.

Tear Resistant
Tyvek® Mattress & Pillow Protectors are tear resistant whether wet or dry.
The synthetic raw material element of Tyvek® fabric used to produce these Mattress & Pillow Protectors makes it a very durable and long lasting non-woven fabric. In a normal ware-housing environment (room temperature and no UV reflection), Tyvek® is guaranteed to have a shelf-life of 20 years.
High Flex Strength
Tyvek® Mattress & Pillow Protectors have a high flex strength which can be creased and bent almost indefinitely without losing its strength.
Soft, smooth & ultra thin texture of Tyvek® fabric does not detract from the comfort of the mattress. Unlike most of the other mattress and pillow protectors in case of DuPont Tyvek® mattress and pillow protectors you do not feel any extra bulk or any unwanted substance under you mattress or pillow while resting on them. Tyvek® fabric becomes physically better with every wash. Washing takes away that newness and crispness from the brand new Tyvek® material giving it more of a woven linen feel. That’s why Tyvek® Mattress & Pillow Protectors become softer to touch and feel with every subsequent wash. For best results wash your DuPont Tyvek® mattress and pillow protectors once or even twice before using them for the first time.
Neutral pH
Tyvek® Mattress & Pillow Protectors have a neutral pH which is 7.
Mildew Prevention
Clean Tyvek® Mattress & Pillow Protectors will not promote the formation of mildew or other micro-organisms.
Tyvek® Mattress & Pillow Protectors are recyclable. Contact us for details on how to recycle your protectors.
Dupont™ Quality Assurance
Tyvek® fabric used for mattress and pillow protectors come with the world renowned DuPont™ quality assurance.